TAPE 1397

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

ALL JAPAN G+ CLASSICS #81 (Amazing episode of this incredible show from All Japan, highlighting class matches from 1985. I've got a master so VQ is EX)
Rick Martel vs Riki Choshu, 10/19/85 Ric Flair vs Jumbo Tsuruta, 10/19/85 Road Warriors vs Dory & Terry Funk, 10/19/85 (Geez, look at that lineup for this card!) Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Mil Mascaras & Art Crews, 10/21/85 (Sing it with me: "One of these is not like the other"...) Road Warriors vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Genichiro Tenryu, 10/21/85 RIC FLAIR VS RICK MARTEL, 10/21/85 (NWA vs AWA title - When I started trading tapes in 1995, this was my #1 want. I'd read about this match in PWI and was incredibly jealous of the fans that had gotten to see it. When I did get the match in 1995, I thought it was fantastic. However, I hadn't watched it in over a decade when I got this copy and was worried it wouldn't hold up. It does. Great match.)