TAPE 1398

Quality: EX

Length: 66 min (DVD)

SNME #1 - 5/11/85 (Debut episode of this remarkable show from the mid-80s. Every few months, the WWF would run a special that would take over the Saturday Night Live time slot on late Saturday nights on NBC. This is the original broadcast.)
Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff & George Steele vs Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo & Ricky Steamboat (George the Animal turns face here) Piper's Pit: Paul Orndorff (Orton & Piper are blaming Orndorff for the team's loss at the first Wrestlemania and attack Orndorff, turning him face. Mr. T, of all people, makes the save) Hulk Hogan vs Bob Orton (Orndorff runs in and saves Hogan from an attack) Cyndi Lauper video "Good Enough" Wendi Richter vs Fabulous Moolah Junkyard Dog vs Pete Doherty