TAPE 1403

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 90 min (DVD)

MID-SOUTH TV VOL 5 - 2/4/82 (Good show from early 80s Mid-South.)
Bob Orton vs Ken Woodby Samoans vs Junkyard Dog & Mike George (No match - before the match, Skandor Akbar tells Ernie Ladd that he - Akbar - is now the manager of the Samoans. Huge brawl ensues and One Man Gang ends up splashing Ernie from the top rope - ouch!) Ted Dibiase vs Ron Cheatham Samoans vs Junkyard Dog & Mike George (Samoans win Mid-South tag titles; wild match that sees JYD block a fireball from Akbar with a chair and George take a Samoan Drop on a chair) Bob Roop vs Frank Monte Paul Orndorff vs Mr. Olympia (One of the very, very few clean jobs on tape you'll find of Paul) Brian Blair vs Ed Wiskowski (Wiskowski, of course, later became Col. DeBeers)
MID-SOUTH TV VOL 5 - 2/11/82 (Another good episode.)
Recap of Ladd/Akbar/Samoans angle, Mid-South TV, 2/4/82 Samoans vs Junyard Dog & Mike George, Mid-South TV, 2/4/82 (JIP - Samoans win Mid-South tag titles) Samoans vs Rick Ferrara & Bill Ash Junkyard Dog vs Bob Roop (That rarest of all birds - a match that ends during a commercial break!) Ted Dibiase & Mr. Olympia vs Bob Orton & Ed Wiskowski Ron Cheatham vs Frank Monte