TAPE 1404

Quality: Varies

Length: 100 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 4/6/85 (Another rare episode of Power Pro, with lots of house show footage. Quality is GD/VG. Disc also includes the 1/19/85 PPW.)
Jake Roberts vs Shawn Michaels, New Orleans, 3/30/85 Steve Williams vs Terry Daniels, New Orleans, 3/30/85 Rock & Roll Express vs Dirty White Boys, Houston, 3/22/85 Brad Armstrong vs Steve Brinson Dutch Mantell vs The Red Rider, CWF, 1984/85 Gino Hernandez video "Dirty Laundry", Houston
POWER PRO WRESTLING 4/13/85 (Full episode of Power Pro, quality is VG.
Mid-South Update Ric Flair vs Jack Hart, CWF, 1984/85 Shawn Michaels, Brad Armstrong & Terry Daniels vs Edcar Thomas, Thor & Jack Victory, New Orleans, 3/30/85 Eddie Gilbert video "Hot Stuff", Memphis, 1984/85 Brickhouse Brown vvs Buddy Landell, Mid-South TV, 8/18/84 (Landell loses so he challenges Brickhouse again...) Brickhouse Brown vs Buddy Landell, Mid-South TV, 8/18/84 Brickhouse Brown vs Buddy Landell, Mid-South TV, 8/25/84 (JIP) One Man Gang vs Tony Torres & Terry Gibbs, Mid-South TV, 4/17/82 Dutch Mantell vs David Price, Memphis, ??/??/??