TAPE 1405

Quality: EX

Length: 87 min (DVD)

CLASSIC HARLEY RACE MATCHES (Several years ago, Harley Race released a set of films of his own matches. Most of these had never been seen before. In addition, he provided commentary on top of the matches. The end result is a fun look at Harley's career. All but one match are from St. Louis and all matches are clipped. Quality on this footage is generally EX.)
Ad for Harley Race's Wrestling School Harley Race vs Bob Backlund, 9/10/76 (Lumberjack - 2/3 Falls - This one is hilarious. Harley says on commentary beforehand something along the lines of "no way would I lose to this goof" and then he loses.) Harley Race vs Rocky Johnson, 2/17/78 (1-hr draw) Harley Race vs Terry Funk, 4/7/78 (2/3 falls) Interview w/Harley Race re: Dick the Bruiser, 1978 (Features a nice closeup of the NWA belt) Harley Race vs Dick the Bruiser, 8/11/78 (2/3 falls) Interview w/Harley Race re: Ted Dibiase, 1978 Harley Race & Bulldog Brown vs Ted Dibiase & Paul Orndorff, 1978 (TV studio match) Harley Race vs Bruiser Brody, 3/23/79 (2/3 falls - Brody gets pinned clean - TWICE!) Harley Race vs David Von Erich, 6/15/79 (2/3 falls - now it's David's turn to get pinned cleanly TWICE!) Harley Race vs Kevin Von Erich, 2/22/80 (2/3 Falls) Interview w/Harley Race re: title vs title with Backlund, 1980 Harley Race vs Bob Backlund. MSG, 9/22/80 (NWA vs WWF World Title – super-historic match as two world champions square off. For years, we heard that this match wasn't very good. This is the film clips version and the clips make the match look pretty good. We've since gotten the full, pro-shot version of the match and that semi-confirms the narrative. It's not a bad match by any means but not a class either. This ends in a DQ finish. They would rematch 6 weeks later in St. Louis but, unfortunately, no footage of that match has ever turned up.) Harley Race vs Kerry Von Erich, 9/11/81 Interview w/Harley Race (includes some TV studio match clips)