TAPE 1413

Quality: FR (See Below)

Length: 58 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING - 2/21/87 (Another super rare episode I've been seeking for a long time! Quality on this one is admittedly pretty rough - FR with sideways lines going through the picture and some audio noise. It's watchable but be ready for it! This is also converted from an mp4)
Interview w/Chris Adams & Iceman Parsons re: Chris Adams getting out of jail (kudos to the UWF - they didn't dodge Adams going to jail. They addressed it head-on.) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Chris Adams & Iceman Parsons, PPW, 2/14/87 (JIP - Devastation interferes and attack Ted/Doc. Adams goes to help but Iceman holds him back. Iceman is legal in the ring and Ted/Doc get counted out.) Rick Steiner & Sting vs Terry Taylor & Sam Houston (UWF tag tourney semis) Interview w/Iceman Parsons (Adams & Parsons are now split and a coin has been flipped to determine who will carry on in the tournament. Adams won and picked Savannah Jack as his partner. Jack comes out to confront Iceman and tells him he doesn't want his spot, that he should make up with Adams. Parsons agrees and they start for the back and then Parsons turns on Jack, cementing his heel turn.) Rick Steiner & Sting vs Chris Adams & Terry Taylor (UWF tag tourney finals - Adams & Taylor win UWF tag title) One Man Gang vs Savannah Jack (Finish not shown)