TAPE 1424

Quality: VG

Length: 115 min (DVD)

MID-SOUTH HOUSTON & HOUSE SHOWS 1984 VOL 1 (Some cool stuff here with area matches from Houston and New Orleans. This is raw from the Watts archives. Quality is VG.)
Hacksaw Duggan vs Hercules Hernandez, 8/24/84 (Clipped - Coal Miner's Glove Match) Midnight Express vs Dusty Rhodes & Sonny King, 8/24/84 (Jim Ross on commentary starts to refer to King as "JYD". Also, Jim Cornette is carrying a CANE not a racket here.) Midnight Express vs Fantastics, 1984 Midnight Express & Ernie Ladd vs Rock & Roll Express & Hacksaw Duggan, Houston, 6/8/84 Midnight Express & Jim Cornette vs Rock & Roll Express & Hacksaw Duggan, New Orleans, 1984 (Video on this one is pretty dark. Throughout the match, you get sarcastic comments overlaid on top of the match and an apology for the video quality. Great stuff! This match is clipped with some video damage.) Midnight Express vs Fantastics, Houston, 8/31/84