TAPE 1438

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 4.5 hr (2 Blu Ray)

What we have here is a 2-disc set of the 1995 season of WCW Monday Nitro.  These are from the 
WWE Network.  1080p video quality.  Absolutely gorgeous!

WCW MONDAY NITRO - 9/4/95 (Debut episode of this groundbreaking show!)
Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman Lex Luger Returns to WCW (in what would be a trend on Nitro, Lex Luger makes a shocking debut after being in the WWF for a couple years) Ric Flair vs Sting (Arn Anderson runs in and saves......STING.) Randy Savage/Scott Norton confrontation Sabu Music Video Hulk Hogan vs Big Bubba Rogers Lex Luger confronts Hulk Hogan
WCW MONDAY NITRO - 9/11/95 (I missed the debut episode back in 1995 but all the hype on RSPW about it drew me in, so this is where I started watching Nitro. Became must-see TV for me.)
Sabu vs Alex Wright Sting vs Mike Rotundo Randy Savage vs Scott Norton Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger (the Dungeon of Doom runs in)
Harlem Heat vs American Males (American Males win WCW World tag titles) Paul Orndorff vs Johnny B Badd Kevin Sullivan attacking Randy Savage on the beach of "Baywatch" (Ric Flair - what? - makes the save. In wrestling boots. On the beach.) Lex Luger/Randy Savage interview confrontation The Giant running over Hulk Hogan's motorcycle, WCW Main Event, 9/17/95 The Giant attacking Hulk Hogan, Fall Brawl '95, 9/17/95 Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman (Pillman submits cleanly; Flair's chest is heavily bruised from Pillman's chops)
Alex Wright vs Disco Inferno Lex Luger challenging Randy Savage Craig Pittman vs Kurasawa Randy Savage vs Kevin Sullivan (The Giant runs in and chokeslams Savage) Lex Luger vs Meng (Luger gets pinned!)
Randy Savage vs Lex Luger (The Giant runs in and chokeslams Savage) Eddy Guerrero vs Dean Malenko (in what would become a staple of Nitro, they cut away from an excellent juniors match to show...nonsense. In this case, they show Hulk Hogan arriving at the arena. Eddy does a crossbody over the ringpost and lands HARD on his knees) Interview w/Hulk Hogan (Hogan gets attacked by Sullivan & The Giant and they shave his mustache) Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson (Good match - Pillman runs in and attacks Flair)
Sting vs The Shark (John Tenta) Sabu vs Mr JL The Arrival of Chris Benoit Hawk vs Big Bubba Rogers Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson (Flair gets pinned after being KO'ed with brass knux)
WCW MONDAY NITO - 10/16/95
Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B Badd (DDP KOs Badd before the bell) Chris Benoit vs Eddy Guerrero (***1/2 - good match) Meng vs Hacksaw Duggan Ric Flair & Sting vs Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (the crowd is SUPER hot for this one) WCW MONDAY NITRO - 10/23/95 Randy Savage vs Kurasawa Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs Eddy Guerrero & Mr JL Sting & Lex Luger vs Harlem Heat (After the match, The Giant lays out both Luger & Sting, followed by a huge brawl and a sort-of reveal of the Yeti, a 7-foot tall talentless hack.)
Eddy Guerrero vs Craig Pittman Scott Norton vs The Shark Interview w/Flair, Arn & Pillman re: re-forming the Four Horsemen Sabu vs Disco Inferno American Males vs Lex Luger & Meng Hulk Hogan vs The Giant, Halloween Havoc '95, 10/29/95 (clip - Lex Luger turns heel and the Yeti actually debuts)
The Giant vs Cobra Kevin Sullivan vs The Renegade (After the match, Jimmy Hart throws water in the Renegade's face and wipes off his makeup, symbolizing the end of the gimmick) Chris Benoit vs Eddy Guerrero Ric Flair vs Sting (Flair cleanly submits but Sting doesn't break the hold, so Luger, in the middle of a tweener gimmick, comes out and convinces Sting to release the hold) Announcement that the WCW World Title has been held up
WCW MONDAY NITO - 11/13/95
Hulk Hogan in "The Dungeon of Doom" (uuuuuugggggh) Randy Savage vs Meng (Shark & Luger try to break Savage's arm) Chris Benoit vs Kensuke Sasaki Eddy Guerrero vs Johnny B Badd Sting vs Dean Malenko
Scott Norton vs The Shark Eddy Guerrero vs Brian Pillman Big Bubba Rogers vs Hawk Hulk Hogan vs Sting (face vs face dream match! And it's good! The Dungeon of Doom run in and spoil things, so Hogan & Sting team up to fight them off)
Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B Badd Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki vs Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto Hulk Hogan vs Hugh Morrus Interview w/Hogan & Savage Re: WW3 '95 (The Giant attacks both guys and Hogan returns fire with a chair) Sting & Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (Flair runs in, Hogan saves)
Harlem Heat vs American Males (Colonel Parker comes out and gives Sherri a ring and she leaves with him) Sting vs Kurasawa Scott Norton vs The Giant Interview w/Ric Flair & Charles Barkley Randy Savage vs Lex Luger (Flair runs in, Hogan makes the save and accidentally punches Sting)
Eddy Guerrero vs Mr JL Paul Orndorff vs Disco Inferno The Four Horsemen Injuring Paul Orndorff (Orndorff retirement angle) Lex Luger vs Hacksaw Duggan Hulk Hogan & Sting vs Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (Pillman runs in, Luger saves Sting - but not Hogan - and then Sting intentionally decks Randy Savage!)
Madusa throwing the WWF Women's belt in the trash Ric Flair vs Eddy Guerrero Craig Pittman asking Bobby Heenan to be his manager Lex Luger vs Marcus Bagwell Sting vs Bobby Eaton Randy Savage vs The Giant (Hogan runs in and DRILLS The Giant with multiple chairshots and has one for the ref, too) Hulk Hogan challenging Randy Savage for a title match
Lex Luger vs Scott Riggs Sting vs Big Bubba Rogers Craig Pittman asking Jimmy Hart to be his manager Dean Malenko vs Mr JL (Malenko breaks JL's arm legit in this one) Ric Flair vs Randy Savage (Sting & Luger run in, Sting & Savage square off and slap each other)