TAPE 1441

Quality: EX (1080i)

Length: 129 min (DVD)

ALL JAPAN HOUSE SHOW - 7/29/93 (Incredible! As part of their streaming service, All Japan has released this mostly-complete house show from their Summer Action Series. Lots of this stuff made TV but not this much, not this complete, and not in this quality! This is 1080i footage and incredible EX quality. A MUST-HAVE.)
Giant Baba, The Destroyer & Kurt Beyer vs Masa Fuchi, Haruka Eigen & Masao Inoue (This is The Destroyer's retirement/final match and is just so COOL. So many little touches here that make it special. It's obvious all six guys are just having a blast and Destroyer gets to have his son Kurt as a partner. Baba surprises Destroyer by NOT being introduced last, instead giving that honor to Destroyer. He's obviously surprised at that and Baba gives him this beautiful, sly little grin. You get Fuchi doing Destroyer's strut at him, which nets him a handshake for it, and lots of other stuff. In short, this is awesome.) Retirement Ceremony for The Destroyer Jun Akiyama & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs Dynamite Kid & Johnny Smith Akira Taue vs Big Bossman (Bossman is intro'ed as Big Bubba but is wearing his Big Bossman costume. What's funny is the way his name gets pronounced - Big Boob-a. Cracked me up constantly while watching this. Bossman was really, really good in the ring.) KENTA KOBASHI VS STAN HANSEN (Many years ago, this was one of the very first All Japan matches I ever saw and I was blown away. I rated it ****3/4 at the time. This is my first time seeing it in probably two decades. This match is incredible. Before the match, Hansen kicks at an attendant at ringside, Kobashi jumps in to defend him and we are OFF AND RUNNING. What we get is an amazing, 22-minute sprint that rarely lets up. Hard-hitting match that gives off strong vibes of a fight. Tense, hard-fought, competitive. Kobashi dominates for almost 10 minutes before trying to charge Hansen, who is sitting down in the corner. Hansen holds up a foot and DRILLS Kobashi in the face. Kobashi's eye and cheek swell up and he's bruised by the end of the match. MUST-SEE MATCH! ***** - FIVE STARS.) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS TOSHIAKI KAWADA (These two have the unenviable task of following the masterpiece that went before. They try, they roll out a terrific **** match, but it's nowhere close.)