TAPE 1446

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hr (DVD)

ALL JAPAN G+ CLASSICS #61 (More from this outstanding classics show. This time, we get footage from two US locations as the All Japan guys go on tour. I've got a master, VQ is EX.)
Terry Funk vs Barry Horowitz ("Brett Hart"), 6/12/83 (From Savannah, GA) Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Jimmy Valiant & Bob Orton, 6/12/83 (Clipped) Ric Flair vs Greg Valentine, 6/12/83 (Ric's first match since losing the NWA World title 2 days earlier. Good match for Valentine's US title that sees both guys hit each other with the US belt and Flair beat up the referee.) The Mongol, Bill Irwin & The Fishman vs Chavo Guerrero, Chris Adams & Jose Lothario, 6/17/83 (This one is from Dallas as part of WCCW's "International Star Wars" show) David Von Erich vs Jimmy Garvin, 6/17/83 (Garvin wins vacant WCCW Texas title) Giant Baba vs King Kong Bundy, 6/17/83 (Baba, who is normally introduced as 300lbs, gets intro'ed here as weighing *475* pounds. By far, the most ridiculous weight I've ever seen given to a wrestler. Completely stupid.) Harley Race vs Kevin Von Erich, 6/17/83 (for the NWA world title; the DQ rule is waived so, if Race gets DQ'ed, he loses the title. Brilliant bit of work before the match as Race argues with David Manning about the stipulation, saying "that was Flair's stipulation!" with Manning telling him the stip was for an NWA title match and Harley is the champ. Decent match that sees Kevin "injure" his shoulder but gamely fight on until David Von Erich interferes on his behalf before challenging Race to a match. David says he'll retire if he doesn't win the title.) Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy, 6/17/83 (Kerry & Brody win the World Class American tag titles)