TAPE 1449

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 66 min (DVD)

SNME #11 - 5/2/87 (Another of this classic show from the WWF. This one was taped 4/28/87 Notre Dame. This is the original broadcast, all music and so on are intact. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Ken Patera injuring Bobby Heenan, 4/23/87 (Patera puts a belt around Bobby's neck and yanks him back when he runs away. Looks BRUTAL and is an incredible bump for Bobby to take considering his history of neck injuries.) Honky Tonk Man hitting Jake Roberts with his guitar, 1/27/87 (They used a real guitar instead of a gimmicked one and Jake got messed up bad by this.) Jake Roberts vs Kamala (Kim Chee is Honky Tonk Man for this match and he attacks Jake) Randy Savage vs George Steele (Lumberjack) (They beat this match to death, running it on 3 different SNMEs. Good grief.) Interview w/Andre re: Wrestlemania 3 British Bulldogs vs Hart Foundation (2/3 Falls) Interview w/Hulk Hogan re: Wrestlemania 3 Ricky Steamboat vs Hercules Hernandez (Randy Savage interferes and helps...Ricky. This is great logic - he wants to take the title back from Ricky so he interferes to make sure Ricky stays champion. Brilliant! I love it! Rick Martel & Tom Zenk vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff