TAPE 1450

Quality: Varies (See below)

Length: 2.25 hrs (DVD)

UWF HANDHELDS (More handhelds from the early days of the UWF promotion. VQ and date for each match is listed with the match.)
MS1 vs El Fantasma, 7/23/84 (EX VQ but b&w) Rusher Kimura & Ryuma Go vs UFO & Rocky De La Serra, 7/23/84 (EX - starts b&w but goes color) Akira Maeda & Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Nobuhiko Takada & Super Tiger, 7/23/84 (Sayama's UWF debut, he gets introduced as simply "The Tiger" here. He also appears to injure himself with a headbutt.) Rusher Kimura & Ryuma Go vs UFO & MS1, 7/24/84 (VG/EX with sideways shift at top) Nobuhiko Takada & Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Leo Burke & Rocky De La Serra, 7/24/84 (VG/EX w/sideways shift. De La Serra slams Fujiwara's head into the metal turnbuckle - not the corner pad but the metal turnbuckle itself that goes between the corner and the post. FOUR times. You get a loud PING! each time. OUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCH. VG/EX w/shift) Super Tiger vs Mach Hayato (for the second, and last, time they introduce Sayama as "The Tiger" instead of "Super Tiger". VG/EX with sideways shift) Akira Maeda vs Frency Martin, 7/24/84 (VG/EX with shift) Akira Maeda & Pete Robers vs Osamu Kido & Keith Heyward, 12/5/84 (This is actually a pro shot comm tape - UWF Video Bout Vol 14. Quality is VG/EX. Match is clipped.)