TAPE 1495

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 45 min (DVD)

WCCW TV - 12/11/82 (More from the WCCW syndicated show. Quality is EX 1080p)
The Spoiler vs Jose Lothario Announcement of Michael Hayes as guest referee for upcoming Kerry vs Flair match (And so begins the biggest angle in World Class history. They also interview both Bronko Lubich and David Manning and both guys basically say they're rooting for Kerry to win the title. Nice to know your referees are unbiased, World Class!) Great Kabuki, Magic Dragon & Checkmate vs Bugsy McGraw, Al Madril & Brian Adidas Ric Flair/Fritz Von Erich Debate King Kong Bundy vs Kevin Von Erich (Kevin gets pinned after Bundy throws him over the top)