TAPE 1501

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 45 min (DVD)

WCCW TV - 1/29/83 (More from the WCCW syndicated show. Quality is EX 1080p)
Yoshiaki Yatsu vs The Samoan Michael Hayes vs Jose Lothario (Geez, they sure protected Jose in World Class. The guy was has JUST turned 48 here but looks way older. He's soft everywhere, shaped funny, and doesn't move that well, but he is booked like a superstar. Here, Michael Hayes, the new hot #1 heel, can't even get a win over him in a TV match. Good grief.) Interview w/King Kong Bundy re: Devastation Inc. Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril vs King Kong Bundy & Great Kabuki (Kabuki is now a part of Devastation Inc as H&H Associates has fallen apart. This match signals the end of Bugsy's big push as he lays down 100% clean for Bundy here.)