TAPE 1526

Quality: EX (Mixed - see below)

Length: 2.25hr (DVD)

WCCW INTERNATIONAL STAR WARS - 6/17/83 (This is a compiled version of the full 6/17/83 Star Wars show put on by World Class in Dallas. Footage is from a mixture of sources but everything is EX quality, either from a DVD master or 1080p streaming source. The DVD matches are from Japanese TV so have Japanese commentary.)
Genichiro Tenryu vs Johnny Mantell Lola Gonzales vs Vicki Carranza (Carranza wins Mexican women's title) Wild Bill Irwin, The Mongol & The Fishman vs Chris Adams, Jose Lothario & Chavo Guerrero Buddy Roberts vs Iceman Parsons (Hair vs Hair - Roberts wins the match but gets attacked and Parsons rubs the Freebird hair cream on Buddy's head. This would make him go bald and he'd take to wearing boxing headgear with a wig in it. And, despite losing, they never did make Parsons lose his hair...) David Von Erich vs Jimmy Garvin (Garvin appears to the win the Texas title with Sunshine's help but they hold up the title instead) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Ted Dibiase (Ted makes a rare appearance in Texas) Giant Baba vs King Kong Bundy (Baba, who is normally introduced as 300lbs, gets intro'ed here as weighing *475* pounds. By far, the most ridiculous weight I've ever seen given to a wrestler. Completely stupid.) Kamala vs Yoshiaki Yatsu, Armand Hussein & Mike Bond, Dallas Harley Race vs Kevin Erich (Over the top is legal, title changes hands on DQ - brilliant moment before the match as Harley argues against the stipulations, "Those are Flair's stipulations!" since they were put in place for Flair, not him. Nice touch! Kevin injures his shoulder and Harley beats on him until David runs in to stop the match. Nice idea for an angle but Kevin got in waaaaaay too much offense after the injury. After, David KOs Harley and then taunts him before dropping the belt on his unconscious body. Embarrassing way to treat the champion and should never, ever have happened.) Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy vs Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody (Brody & Von Erich win the American tag titles)