TAPE 1551

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 45min (DVD)

WCCW TV - 2/11/84 (More from the WCCW syndicated show. Quality is EX 1080p)
Jimmy Garvin vs Masked Avenger (Avenger comes out and squashes Garvin in about 45 seconds before unmasking himself to be Chris Adams!) Super Destroyer #1 vs Johnny Mantell Super Destroyer #2 vs Iceman Parsons Freebirds vs David, Kerry & Mike Von Erich, Ft. Worth, 1/30/84 (Finish only - Kevin is attacked before the match so Mike has to sub in for him. The Freebirds win and, as a result, Hayes and Gordy are allowed to return to Texas. After the match, we get interviews with David and Kerry. THIS AIRED AFTER DAVID'S DEATH.) David Von Erich vs Terry Gordy Announcement of David Von Erich's Death (Somber, low-key, quick announcement from Bill Mercer that David Von Erich had passed away. Kinda weird/surprising that they tacked this onto the end of the show rather than sticking it at the beginning.)