TAPE 1598

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 2hr (DVD)

WCCW DAVID VON ERICH MEMORIAL PARADE OF CHAMPIONS - 5/6/84 (The high point of the World Class promotion, this show was the culmination of a few months' worth of kinda gross promotion as Fritz sought to both memorialize and capitalize on the death of his son David. The fans, though, were just happy to come and see Kerry Von Erich win the NWA title, a result that had basically been guaranteed on TV. The rest of the show is very good, too. All but one match are here. Quality on this is 1080p but see below for a couple matches.)
HYPE SHOW - FULL EPISODE OF WCCW TV - 5/5/84: FREEBIRDS VS VON ERICHS FEUD RECAP AND HYPE: RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH, DALLAS, 12/25/82 (Cage - Finish only - The start of the feud with the Freebirds, one of the most famous angles of all-time as Michael Hayes tries to help Kerry win the world title but Kerry refuses the help. Terry Gordy then slams the cage door on Kerry's head and we're off and running!) Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy, WCCW TV, 11/12/83 (Country Whipping match - Clip - All four carry small leather belts and beat the tar out of each other.) Kerry Von Erich vs Michael Hayes, Dallas, 11/24/83 (Cage - JIP - Loser Leaves Texas - first time this match aired on the main WCCW show. After some wild action, Fritz gets some payback on Terry Gordy by slamming his head in the cage door.) Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, Dallas, 12/25/83 (Finish - this is the infamous Santa Claus angle where Michael Hayes attacks Mike Von Erich while dressed as Santa Claus.) Fritz Von Erich/Michael Hayes Confrontation, Ft. Worth, 1984 (Hayes comes out to yell at Fritz and demands to know who the third guy in the upcoming Badstreet 6-man match at Texas Stadium will be. He names Bruiser Brody & Brian Adidas and then... "that other European" and "nephew" - LANCE VON ERICH. WTF? This is 18 months before Lance would actually and is, I believe, the first mention of him.) RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH FEUD RECAPE AND HYPE: RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH, DALLAS, 8/15/82 (2/3 Falls - Clips - Famous match that led to World Class calling Kerry "the uncrowned world champion" about 500,000 times over the next 2 years.) SUNSHINE VS JIMMY GARVIN FEUD RECAP Some interviews and videos Jimmy Garvin vs Johnny Mantell, Ft Worth, 10/31/83 (Finish only - Mantell wins the World Class TV title after Previous trips Mantell, leading to Garvin getting pinned. She blames Sunshine for the trip and the feud is on!) Jimmy Garvin vs Chris Adams, Dallas, 11/24/83 (Finish only - Adams wins American title) TEXAS STADIUM SHOW - 5/6/84: Junkyard Dog vs Missing Link (Nice payday for little effort for both guys as this match goes like 2 minutes before we get a reversed decision finish. This match has a line through it) Butch Reed vs Chick Donovan Great Kabuki vs Kamala Super Destroyers vs Iceman Parsons & Buck Zumhofe (Parsons & Zumhofe win World Class American tag titles) Freebirds vs Kevin, Mike & Fritz Von Erich (Badstreet Rules - the Von Erichs win the World Class 6-man tag title but it later gets held up. After the match, Killer Khan runs in and attacks the Von Erichs. Marc Lowrance helpfully tells us he's "never seen an Oriental that big". Ugh.) Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, Texas Stadium (No Time Limit, Title Changes Hands on DQ; Kerry wins NWA World title in the most obvious title change of all-time. If Kerry didn't win the title here, the fans would have burned down the building. I have often found myself wondering what was going through Kerry's head on this day. Here he is, about to reach the absolute pinnacle of pro wrestling and it's largely because his brother died. He *HAD* to have had all kinds of emotions running through him all day. Cannot possibly have been an easy day for him. We get a neat post-match bit from Flair, too, where he gets in Kerry's face and tells him he'll be coming for him. I love it.) Chris Adams & Sunshine vs Jimmy Garvin & Precious, Texas Stadium, 5/6/84 (Before the match, Gino Hernandez comes out and challenges both guys. This kinda came out of nowhere and it's a little weird but Gino would end up becoming a huge star for World Class.)