TAPE 1640

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 100 min (DVD)

WCCW COTTON BOWL 1985 - 10/6/85 (This is the complete supershow from the Cotton Bowl. Not the greatest show but the main event is good. Quality is EX 1080p)
Polly Stevens Singing "God Bless America" Scott Casey vs Killer Brooks Kelly Kiniski vs Tommy Montana (After the match, Gene Kiniski comes in to celebrate with his son and gets introduced. The crowd boos him and he ends up challenging someone at ringside to come in and fight him, LOL. Kelly & Gene then kiss, which was a little weird to see in that context.) Fantastics vs John Tatum & DJ Peterson (After the match, Missy slaps DJ multiple times; Sunshine comes out and tries to attack Missy but gets thrown to the floor for her trouble) Brian Adias vs Jack Victory Great Kabuki vs Mark Lewin (After the match, Lewin & Gary Hart try to rub off Kabuki's face paint. Scott Casey then runs in and makes the save but Kabuki attacks Casey out of nowhere before attacking Sunshine, too. Rough day for Sunshine!) Interview w/Mike & Fritz Von Erich One Man Gang vs Iceman Parsons (Taped Fist match with 10 3-minute rounds) Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez (No DQ Hair vs Hair - they've got 20 guys around the ring to prevent the losers from running away, too. That's a great touch. Good match that drew the crowd to the Cotton Bowl in the first place. Adams' use of powder backfires and the Dynamic Duo gets their heads shaved! Kevin & Kerry win the World Class American tag titles.)