TAPE 1654

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 45min (DVD)

WCCW TV - 1/25/86 (More from the WCCW syndicated show. Quality is EX 1080p)
Jack Victory vs Tommy Montana Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez, Dallas, 12/25/85 (Finish only - the breakup of the Duo) Interview w/Gino Hernandez, Ft Worth, 1/6/86 (Gino says there's no problems with Chris, that Chris apologized to him and things are OK. Chris then comes out, says Gino is lying about the apology and slaps Gino again. Gino then attacks him. Weird that they would run this footage the week after showing Chris attacking Gino after a match. Would've made more sense to show it before that.) Lance Von Erich vs John Tatum (After the match, Lance spanks Missy Hyatt. This upsets Missy and she takes out on Tatum by slapping him several times.) Bruiser Brody & Missing Link vs One Man Gang & Rick Rude