TAPE 1665

Quality: EX (1080p)

Length: 45min (DVD)

WCCW TV - 4/12/86 (More from the WCCW syndicated show. Quality is EX 1080p)
One Man Gang vs Mark Youngblood Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts beating up Mike Von Erich, Ft Worth, 3/86 (Mike & Chris Von Erich are being interviewed when Buddy comes out and begins insulting Mike. Hayes comes out, too, and it all breaks down from there. Chris ends up hitting Buddy with a chair before the other brothers come out for the save.) Rick Rude vs Brickhouse Brown Fritz Von Erich/Michael Hayes Debate (Hayes calls Mike Von Erich Fritz's "90% son", implying he's damaged since his illness. Kinda gross as Mike legit wasn't "right".) Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy