TAPE 1674

Quality: EX (See below)

Length: 2 hr (DVD)

PANCRASE US PPV #2 - 6/17/96 (This is the US PPV version of Pancrase 5/16/96. You get English commentary and the matches are complete, unlike the Japanese comm tape of the same show. Quality is EX but with some audio hum.)
Takafumi Ito vs Yoshiki Takahashi Semmy Schilt vs Manabu Yamada (Schilt's MMA debut) Jason Delucia vs Osami Shibuya Masa Funaki vs August Smisl Guy Mezger vs Minoru Suzuki Bas Rutten vs Frank Shamrock (Rutten unifies the King of Pancrase and interim KOP titles; famous moment during the fight where Frank sticks out his tongue at Rutten while in a submission. Frank's brother Ken, who had gotten him into Pancrase in the first place, was very upset by the move and it caused yet another rift between the two.)